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Tektronix RSA3308B Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer, DC - 8 GHz

Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer, DC - 8 GHz

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The RSA3000B Series makes it easy for you to discover design issues that other signal analyzers miss. The revolutionary DPX Live RF spectrum display offers an intuitive live color view of signal transients changing over time in the frequency domain, giving you immediate confidence in the stability of your design or instantly displaying a fault when it occurs. This live display of transients is impossible with other signal analyzers. Once a problem is discovered with DPX, the Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA) can be set to trigger on the event in the frequency domain, capture a continuous time record of changing RF events and perform time-correlated analysis in all domains. You get the functionality of a high-performance vector signal analyzer, a spectrum analyzer, and the unique discover-trigger-capture-analyze capability of a Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer – all in a single package.

  • DPX™ Live RF spectrum display provides an intuitive understanding of time-varying RF signals with color-graded displays based on frequency of occurrence
  • Revolutionary DPX displays transients with >48,000 spectrum measurements per second
  • Tektronix exclusive Frequency Mask Trigger (FMT) offers easy event-based capture of transient RF signals by triggering on any change in the frequency domain 
  • DC to 8 GHz frequency range
  • All signals in spans up to 36 MHz are captured into memory
  • Up to 1.28 s acquisition length at 36 MHz bandwidth provides complete analysis over time without making multiple acquisitions
  • Fully preselected and image-free at all times for full dynamic range at any capture bandwidth
  • Interfaces with TekConnect® probes for RF probing
  • Differential IQ input available  
  • Extensive time-correlated vector spectrum analysis. Multidomain displays connect problems in Time, Frequency, Phase, and Amplitude for quicker understanding of cause and effect when troubleshooting
  • Power measurements and signal statistics help you characterize components and systems: ACLR, Power vs. Time, CCDF, PDF, and real-time spectrum emission measurement with user-defined spectrum emission mask
  • Pulse measurements including Pulse Width, Duty Cycle, and Pulse-to-Pulse Phase
  • Offline analysis available with RSAVu software
  • Analog demodulation analysis including Baseband, AM, FM, and PM measurements
  • Audio distortion analysis of Baseband, AM, and FM with real-time spectrogram and graphical display of harmonics and spurious. Wide choices of lowpass filters, highpass filters, bandpass filters, and de-emphasis settings. 
02 65.5 MSample Deep Memory, Frequency Mask Trigger
03 IQ, Differential IQ inputs
10 Audio Distortion Analysis
21 Advanced Measurements Suite (GP Mod. Analysis, RFID, Sig. Source)
24 GSM/EDGE Analysis
25 CDMA 1X Forward/Reverse Link Analysis
26 1X EVDO Forward/Reverse Link Analysis
28 TD-SCDMA Analysis
30 3GPP Release 99 (W-CDMA) and Release 5 UL/DL (HSDPA) Analysis
40 3GPP Release 6 (HSUPA UL/DL) Analysis (requires Opt. 30)
E and H Near~field probes For EMI troubleshooting. Order part number 119-4146-xx
RSA~IQWIMAX LitePoint IQsignal™ WiMAX Analysis Software for Tektronix Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers
RSA3KR Rackmount Rackmount RSA33/34B Series Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers (customer installable)
RSALTE LitePoint IQsignal™ LTE Analysis Software for Tektronix Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers
RSAVu Offline Analysis Software for Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, and Logic Analyzers.
RTPA2A Adapter for use with TekConnect Active and Passive Probes

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