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Keysight Technologies 8591E 9 kHz - 1.8 GHz RF spectrum analyzer

9 kHz - 1.8 GHz RF spectrum analyzer

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The Agilent 8591E is an easy-to-use RF spectrum analyzer that offers a wide range of performance, features, and optional capability to meet your measurement needs. Downloadable measurement personalities combine with optional plug-in performance to provide tailored solutions for your application.

  • Perform complex tests simply and quickly with measurement personalities that support applications like cable TV/broadcast, component test, electromagnetic compatibility, lightwave, and wireless communications
  • Four slot cardcage
  • Split screen display
  • One-button measurement routines
  • Advanced measurement functions
  • Dual interfaces
  • Built-in tracking generator
001 75 ohm BNC (f) input
004 Precision frequency reference
010 Built-in 100 kHz - 1.8 GHz tracking generator, 50 ohm output
011 Built-in 1 MHz - 1.8 GHz tracking generator, 75 ohm output
015 Tan soft carrying case
016 Yellow soft carrying case
021 GPIB Interface RMKT
040 Front panel protective cover with storage
041 GPIB and Parallel dual interface
042 Gray spectrum analyzer backpack
043 RS-232 and Parallel dual interface
044 Yellow spectrum analyzer backpack
050 Improved amplitude accuracy for NADC/PCS
051 Improved amplitude accuracy for PDC
053 Improved amplitude accuracy for cdmaOne
0B0 Do not include any manuals
101 Fast time domain sweeps
102 AM/FM demod w/ speaker and TV sync trigger
103 Quasi-peak detector, AM/FM demod w/ speaker
105 Time-gated spectrum analysis
107 TV receiver/video tester
119 Noise figure card
130 Narrow resolution bandwidths
140 Narrow resolution BW and precision frequency reference
151 Digital demod downconverter/ fast ADC
160 Mobile Comm firmware and DSP for Opt 151 hardware
180 TV picture on screen
301 TV sync, fast time-domain sweeps, AM/FM
711 50/75 ohm matching pad with DC block
908 Rackmount kit without handles
909 Rackmount kit with handles
910 Additional set of manuals
915 Service manual and component level info
AB0 Taiwan - Chinese localization
AB2 China - Chinese localization
ABD Germany -German localization
ABE Spain - Spanish localization
ABF France - French localization
ABJ Japan - Japanese localization
ABZ Italy - Italian localization
B70 BenchLink spectrum analyzer software
UK6 Commercial calibration certificate with test data

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