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Spanawave / Giga-tronics 8542C Dual Input Universal Power Meter

Dual Input Universal Power Meter

Product Status: New / Refurbished
List Price: $5,650
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The Giga-tronics 8542C Dual Channel Universal Power combines accuracy, speed, range and measurement capabilities unavailable from any other power meter.

Built-in features such as power sweep calibration and frequency calibration factors provide an unequaled degree of measurement accuracy. Only the 8540C Series Power Meters have the speed and range to meet the throughput demands of high-volume manufacturing. And the meters can measure the CW, peak and true average power of the complex modulated signals used in EW, radar and communication systems.
 ** Prices are valid in USA only. Please request a quote for customers outside of USA. **
  • Frequency Range 100 kHz to 40 GHz, depending on sensor used
  • Power Range: -70 to +47 dBm, depending on sensor used
  • Choose from an extensive line of CW, Peak, Modulation and True RMS sensors
  • Single Sensor Dynamic Range:
    • CW Power Sensors: 90 dB (-70 to +20 dBm)
    • Modulation Power Sensors: 87 dB CW, 60 to 80 dB Modulation Mode
    • Peak Power Sensors: 50 dB CW, 47 dB Peak
  • Linearity: ± 0.02 dB
  • Automatically measure average power of TDMA, GSM, and CDMA signals
  • Optional Time Gating to program a measurement’s start time and duration
  • Achieve 500 reading per second over GPIB
  • Use the Fast Buffered Mode to capture up to 4000 readings per second
  • Measure the instantaneous peak power level of a pulse modulated signal
01 Rack Mount Kit with Handles (not available with Option 07)
02 256K Buffer to store up to 128,000 Readings
04 8542C Rear Panel Sensor and Calibrator Connections
05 Soft Carrying Case
07 Side Mounted Carrying Handle (not available with option 01)
08 Hard Transit Case (includes soft carrying case)
09 Dual Power Meter Rack Mount Kit (assembly instructions included)
10 Dual Rack Mount Kit (Factory Assembled)
11 Time Gating - field installable (not available with option 06)
14 8542C Rear Panel Sensor Connector Only (calibrator remains on front panel)

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