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10-Step Quality Assurance Process
  1. Make sure that the equipment that our customer is looking for is exactly what they need to perform their tests. Several alternatives can be suggested by our engineering team.
  2. Invest in the best equipment available from the best qualified vendors and manufacturers.
  3. Troubleshoot to detect electrical and mechanical defects. Repair (if necessary) and refurbish if equipment is not new.
  4. Always calibrate test equipment to manufacturer's original specifications using instruments traceable to NIST and issue calibration certificate.
  5. Provide standard accessories and documentation.
  6. Clean and inspect to ensure units are free from cosmetic imperfections. Set proper voltage for intended location.
  7. Custom-wrap and package in shock-resistant foam, send with guaranteed tracking procedures.
  8. Guarantee the Liberty Test Equipment 10-day Right of Return privilege for 100% refund.
  9. Provide trouble-free 12-month Liberty Test Equipment warranty on most refurbished, and manufacturer's warranty on new equipment.
  10. Follow up with expert customer service and technical phone support